About JMF

JMF Construction Ltd. functions as a residential construction company based out of Oliver, British Columbia, in the heart of BC's "Wine Country".

We have a history of building homes in various locales within the province and are now firmly rooted in the South Okanagan region of BC. The extent of our work has been greatly diversified, including everything from minor to extensive residential renovations, as well as small-scale commercial projects.

The primary focus of our work is based on the construction of custom residential homes, and project management through the duration of the project. Over the years we have had ample opportunity to work on highly detailed projects, working hand in hand with architects, engineers and clients.

JMF Construction prides itself on quality craftsmanship, a transparent relationship with the client, and a true desire to make each customer's project a pleasant and memorable experience.

Jeff Fletcher

Jeff Fletcher founded JMF Construction after moving from the Sunshine Coast of BC to the Lower Mainland in 1997. He had decided to start his own company and began to enjoy the results of the creativity within himself. Jeff learned the carpentry trade from his father (A skilled journeyman carpenter from Europe) while living on the Sunshine Coast, and went on to receive his Red Seal of certification in carpentry during this time.

During his time spent on the Lower, Mainland Jeff worked on numerous high-end renovations and custom homes, furthering his skills in estimation, project management and coordination.

In 2006 Jeff moved to the South Okanagan where he soon gained a reputation as a skilled and reputable builder, thanks in part to his solid past in the construction industry. Jeff enjoys life in the Okanagan with his wife Joanne, and their 2 young sons.